Florida’s BIGGEST Rock Experience is BACK! Welcome To Rockville 2021

I am no stranger to the festival life. I live for it! While most people spend their vacations on the beach, I spend my vacation days to go to concerts and festivals. Lucky for us this November 11-14th we can have both at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, Florida!

I have been to many different kinds of festivals but, there is no festival experience like Welcome to Rockville. Not only is it the ONE festival I plan my entire year around but, is the festival that holds a such special place in my heart. Back in 2016, I attended my very first Welcome to Rockville as my first BIG assignment for FSCJ’s Publication The Campus Voice. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had so many thoughts and emotions running through my body. I was really excited to see some legendary bands but also, very nervous about actually get the chance to talk to these artists! Walking up to the media gazebo, my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding a million beats per second. As soon as I met the media crew (the nicest people on this planet!) and shook hands with the very first band I would be interviewing, a calm, that I simply cannot describe, came over me and I knew that this was my calling. I loved every single second and will never look back. I had never had so much fun in my life!

Each year, the lineup gets bigger, better, and more legendary than the last! I literally gasped out loud when I saw this year’s lineup featuring so many AWESOME bands including not one but, TWO Metallica sets! But, don’t you even think about just glancing over any of the other bands highlighted. This entire lineup is AMAZING! There are some bands I have never seen before like Fame On Fire (who I have been following on YouTube since THIS VIDEO!) to Jeris Johnson (who did a pretty RAD collaboration with Papa Roach! CHECK IT OUT HERE!) and even some new artists that I can’t wait to check out! But you know I was way beyond beyond excited to see some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES like Badflower, Goodbye June, Joyous Wolf, Asking Alexandria, Beartooth, Fever 333, & Sleeping With Sirens! Honestly.. that favorites list could have just kept going on & on & on… So I’ll just stop my fangirling here to spare you “Ok we get it..” eye rolls and me the embarrassment. Let’s just say you should check out as many of these artists as possible! (Let me know who your favorites are in the comments or on social media!)

There are some BIG and EXCITING changes happening with Welcome To Rockville this year. Not only is the lineup BIGGER THAN EVER for Florida’s BIGGEST Rock Experience! We will now be rockin’ out in Daytona Beach Fl., AND in November instead of May! Personally, I have only ever been to Daytona International Speedway for the Daytona Turkey Run! Which was such a great time! So I can only imagine how EPIC the experience will be when there for my FAVORITE rock festival experience!

Music is not the only great aspect the Welcome to Rockville! We’re all brought together from all over the world while (of course) jammin’ and singing totally off key with our favorite bands, when camping out, while scarfing down some INCREDIBLE grub & cocktails from all of the fun food trucks and vendors, and even when checking out the music experience! (You never know who will show up there! You may even be able to meet your favorite band!) Each and every one of these encounters encourages us to make new friends while making what some may consider “normal” standing in line moments into so many unforgettable memories!

No matter your passion and path in life, how you chose to vacation, or who you Fan Girl over constantly, Welcome To Rockville is an one of a kind experience you DON’T WANT TO MISS! I can’t wait to rock out, create new memories, and experiene it all with you! See you in the pit!

For more information & to get your tickets for #WelcomeToRockville, visit:
Website: www.WelcomeToRockvilleFestival.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/welcometorockville
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rockvillefest
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/welcometorockville

Welcome to Rockville Power Hour COMING SOON! I’ll be sure to link it here when its up!

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