Smokin’ Hot Episode Show Notes

So sorry for the EXTREME procrastination on this one…

Welcome to the “Smokin’ Hot” episode where we focus on cigars & the musicians that love them too! Join us as we spark one up & sit down to chat about the musicians who enjoy a good stogie, songs about cigars, & those who may not enjoy the stogies as much as the box! Intrigued??? Stream the episode anywhere you listeno to your favorite podcasts & follow along with us below!

This is what happens when we forget to take a pic after recording… Ozzy & I are left to our own devices.

For more information on Shiprocked

This Episode’s Cigar: Factory Smokes by Drew Estate –

Sorry… We were REALLY struggling with the lighter/match situation… Any tips/tricks to improving my match lighting skills are greatly appreciated!

This episode’s snacks: Gummy Worms & Peach Rings!

This episode’s cocktails: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey & Welch’s Sparkling Rose

Jack Daniel’s paired with a Bolivar Belicoso
Bolivar Belicoso Cigars

According to all mighty Google, the best cigar pairing with Crown Royal Apple would be some type of Maduro cigar.

Some examples include: Illusione CG4 White Horse, Arturo Fuente God of Fire by Don Carlos, & Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Work of Art Maduro

As for the Jameson Caskmates Whiskey, a great cigar pairing mentioned would be a Casa de Garcia.

Casa de Garcia (Original)

I was real excited for a second when I thought maybe Machine Gun Kelly enjoyed cigars. Come to find out… He buys them, empties them & rolls blunts.. Good for him! Not great for this particular episode..
*SORRY MOM… Dutch Masters were a fun contributor to my first “cigar story”
While Backwoods Cigars are what Machine Gun Kelly prefers.
Alex is hoping to give these Acid Cigars another try soon to see if his palette has changed since becoming the Moe Convo Aficionado.

Some of my current favorites that I am sharing & telling my friends about are the Rocky Patel/Drew Estate Java cigars & the Deadwood Tobacco cigars (my personal favorite being the Sweet Jane.)

Both Kim & I LOVE the Deadwood Cigars!

Some musicians that we thought may smoke cigars but, don’t. Chris Stapleton, Amy Whinehouse, Nathaniel Rateliff, John Cougar Mellencamp, & Frank Sinatra (After googling a bit more, I did find the below pic of him with Marlon Brando with cigars in hand.)

It took me longer to post this episode & show notes than I had expected to procrastinate on it… ANYWAYS! If you’re into Rock N Roll &/or curious about Moon Fever (the band I mentioned I was going to see) check out my review of the show HERE! I also dropped the video/song I played for Alex & Kim below!

Avril is BAAAAACCCKK!!!!! Check out Mod Sun’s single “Flames” ft. Avril Lavigne from his new album Internet Killed The Rock Star!

Me & Lincoln Durham after his show at JackRabbits 1/18/19

50 Cent likes his Monte Cristo Cigars

Padron 1926 Series (The most expensive cigar Alex has had.)
“Cigars are a part of the Latino blood.” – Jennifer Lopez likes the Padron brand cigars & Cubans
Ozzy the snoring puppy

Alex’s favorite cigar to date is the Liga Privada Year of the Rat but, his most consistently bought cigars are the Papas Fritas, Caldwell Eastern Standards, All Out Kings, & Herrera Estelis.

Blooms Cigar Camp Pittsburgh, PA.

Alice Cooper hangin’ out with no scary makeup & a bowler hat with a stogie in hand!

Aubrey Oday of Danity Kane

I couldn’t help but sing… I know I’m not alone in this!

Bebe Rexha

Beyonce (Obviously…)

Jay Z definitely appreciates the finer things in life… so you know fine cigars are no exception! He likes the Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, & Dunhills. He has even worked with Cohiba to create the luxurious Comador cigar.

The Cohiba Comador
Romeo Y Julieta Cigars

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

Bob Dylan enjoys Monte Cristo Cigars

Bon Jovi likes a good Monte Cristo too!

Bono likes his Cigarellos

Luke Bryan likes his cigars so much that he now owns Shore Thing Cigars here in Florida & chose his very own tobacco blend for his own line with Davidoff!

The cool black & gold label on The Sweet Janes that come in the tin!
I couldn’t find a pic of Cardi B with a cigar so here’s her video with JLo for “Dinero” where cigars make a few appearances!
Cardi B & Offset – Couldn’t find anything about him smoking cigars…
So I guess I’m on TikTok now… Haven’t posted anything yet! But, when I do.. it’ll be SOOOOO good! Bahahahaha!

I didn’t find where Bowie had a favorite cigar brand but, he did like the torpedo shaped cigars!

If a Monte Cristo is good enough for The King.. Its good enough for me. I’ll just tell my bank account that Elvis would approve to justify such a purchase!

Even George Harrison & Ringo Starr of The Beatles enjoyed a good stogie from time to time!

Ice Cube’s favorite cigar is the Punch Magnum Double Maduro

Jim Morrison didn’t just smoke grass.. He like stogies too!

Jim Morrison’s humidor! It looks like it was past auction… but that starting bid was $2,500!!! (insert jaw drop here.)
Justin Bieber – Cubans

I honestly don’t think these pics are of her smoking a cigar?? But, we’ll go with it for the sake of these show notes..

Janet Jackson

Kayne West – Cohibas
*FAKE NEWS ALERT! Jeffree Star & Kayne West are NOT a thing!
Kid Rock remains loyal to the Hemingways. They are “all he smokes”
LL Cool J
Ludacris enjoys cigars so much that he has his very own customized humidor!
According to Luda! in 2013 “Only real cigar smokers know about these!” (Cohiba Behike)

Madonna! She even appeared on a very awkward interview on Letterman with cigar in hand!

Mary J. Blige

Ciara prefers smaller cigars or a Cuban Corona

Nick Jonas sparked up some controversy with the fans about being on the cover of Cigar Aficionado. Cohibas are his favorite even though some of his fans find this to be “gross & irresponsible.”

Rihanna – Enjoys her brothers line of luxury Legado cigars when not puffing on an Arturo Fuente Exquisitos, Cohiba, or Romeo y Julieta. You can even catch her tokin’ up with Shakira in their “Can’t Remember To Forget You” video!

Rihanna’s Brothers line of luxury cigars

Glossing over R. Kelly real fast…

When Steven Tyler isn’t sparkin’ up a Lars Tetens Torpedo, you may find him playing the cigar box guitar!

Toni Braxton
Again.. I just could not help myself..

Notorious B.I.G.

Tyrese – Cohibas

Usher – Cohibas

Brad Paisley – His favorites include the Monte Cristo #2 & Punch Grand Cru.
“Cigarettes are a habit; Cigars are an event.”

The members of Old Dominon enjoy Post Show Victory cigars like the Padron 1964 Anniversary series, My Father’s Cigars, Crowned Heads, & Herrera Esteli.
My Fathers Cigars really do have some beautiful labels!

A few others I found that smoke cigars but forgot to mention in the episode.
P. Diddy, Demi Lovato, Roy Buchanan, Paul Westerberg, Rev Gary Davis, & Tommy Bolin.

Musicians who play the Cigar Box guitar!

Rocky Patel & Arnold Schwarzenegger – We got distracted.. Neither own or play the cigar box guitar as far as we know.

Alex with Rocky Patel!

Big Willie Style!

Dave Grohl & Paul McCartney (As I always mention.. I know Dave Grohl was in Nirvana!)

Justin Johnson plays all kinds of guitars, gives them away from time to time, & will teach you how to play a few songs!!! Check it out!
Lincoln Durham
Johnny Depp
Jimi Hendrix
Chris Cornell

Some songs about cigars:

I had The Who as the artist in my notes but, it looks like I was wrong & the band is Herman’s Hermits!

Whewwww!!! I know that was a long one! Thank you for listening! Please be sure to find us on all social media platforms! ( I guess that includes TikTok now!)

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