The Moe Convo Crew

Host, Blogger, & Photographer

I started out as the loud girl in class who was always wearing a band tee, constantly talking about the crazy good times had a the concert I had been to.  A friend who wrote for the school’s newspaper took notice and asked if I’d be interested in writing about my experiences and I thought to myself.. why not! After that first post, I found myself enjoying writing about the concerts I loved, eventually taking my own photos, and getting the opportunity to talk music with some of the amazing bands I loved to see live! This then grew into the Moe Convo (previously “Get It In Your Ears”), writing for a EU Jacksonville for a few years, and now hosting the Moe Convo Podcast while also being a contributing writer for FestWorld Magazine!
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Our Cigar Aficionado/Resident Guitar Player

Our go to guy on everything we need to know about the stogies we spark up each episode!
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Assistant/Google Queen/Mascot Wrangler

When she’s not cuddling with our Mascot Ozzy, she is our Google QUEEN!!!
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