From Missing Music To Running A Moon Fever!

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The Pavilion @ Destination Daytona
Final stop on tour with Buckcherry & Magnolia Bayou

I know collectively we’ve all been missing concerts. I myself haven’t been to a show since MARCH!!! But honestly, I had no idea how much not having concerts in my life was really affecting me. Fortunately, concerts made an EPIC return to my life this past Saturday! I got to see AND interview the mind-blowing Rock N Rollers Moon Fever at their last tour stop on Tour with Buckcherry and Magnolia Bayou! Not only are these guys the creators of modern Rock N Roll bangers but, they are fun people to hang out with! We had such a blast when we kicked it in THE white van before the show! (You’ll know what I mean once you check out their music video for “Cocaine! You’re welcome.)  We chatted about an array of topics ranging from how Moon Fever came to be, to making Rock N Roll the genre of NOW, and of course trying to get the guys to spill on when we’re going to be able to get our hands on an album!

For those of you reading this and asking the question.. Well that all sounds very exciting but, who is Moon Fever? Here’s what you need to know! The magic of Moon Fever began when Guitarist Mitch Micoley was on the hunt for a lead singer to create an epic band when a previous manager thought to themselves.. Hey I think I know a guy! They then reached out to lead singer Cody Jasper after remembering a performance from South by Southwest years ago. One thing led to another, which led to sending demos and music back and forth, to a first rehearsal at a little studio in north Hollywood literally between a machine shop and The Blue Zebra Strip Club. (One that was way too sketchy to go inside. Yes I did ask..) There’s no denying that it was an an instant connection and Mitch said “Oh Shit! This is the guy!” And we all couldn’t agree more.

Moon Fever

Starting off as a Rock N Roll band is not easy task to begin with. But when we pile on a year of uncertainty and hardship all over the world, that would only make the climb up the musical ladder only that much more difficult. Mitch tells us, “I wouldn’t say it was harder to get started during the pandemic because its always hard to do this. Its very rewarding and very fun. But it takes a lot of work and that’s what makes it art.” Not only is it tough in to make it to the big leagues in this genre, it can also be hard to set yourself apart from so that you don’t become just like the rest of them. When it comes to leaving their unique stamp on the genre that will NEVER DIE, Cody explains “We want to make it modern. Rock R Roll needed the younger generation to come in and combine new and old. We need to get away from trying to sound like our heroes and sound like ourselves. Yes, that’s who we learned from. But we need to do it without being and sounding exactly like them.”

Moon Fever “Cocaine” 2/13/21 The Pavilion @ Destination Daytona

Since the band was established and has become a musical force to be reckoned with, they have begun building quite the Rock N Roll hit roster. The lineup includes fantastic singles like “Fever,” “Casanova” “Shaking Off The Evil,” “Undertaker,” “Cocaine,” and their newly released single “Cheap Thrills.” Naturally this would then lead to the question. When is the full album coming out? The guys wouldn’t leak much about what future releases would be, or when exactly they would happen. However, they did tell us that they used their quarantine time to be as creative and productive as possible. They have now recorded over 30 songs and “Can’t give too many details.. But there will definitely be something to look forward to this summer. That’s all I can say!” I will tell you though that during the show, we rocked out to all the favorites but, we also did get to hear a great song that I hadn’t heard before.. I believe it was called “Medicine Man?” But only time will tell as they are keeping upcoming bangers pretty tight lipped.

These tunes and the stories they tell through speakers are spectacular but, the videos created to portray these stories are awesome! Some live versions; some imaginatively animated, and a few brought to life by awesome directors like Jason Blankenship. I have to say that of course “Cocaine” was my undeniable favorite. From the screeching up to the venue in THE white van, to hilarious lines like “If you’re lucky.. the girls may come.” And the ultimate rockin’ party that commenced that we all wish we could have been at! I mean.. who doesn’t want to rock out with a unicorn, T Rex, and a killer Rock N Roll band?!

Missing out on the concert experience has undoubtedly been hard. Now having found Moon Fever, good times are back and here to stay! Whether I’m rockin’ out with friends and fellow fans at one of their concerts, cranking up one of their bangers, or even just wearing a Moon Fever tee while working at home, I am reminded of the power great music holds by allowing us to express ourselves, escape the frustrations of day to day life, and of course let our hair down with horns up! Just like Rock N Roll, my love and fangirling for Moon Fever will NEVER DIE!

I had to include these pics of me in my Moon Fever merch while Ozzy is totally over all of my crazy..

Check them out anywhere you stream your favorite music, on ALL social media platforms, and of course check out their YouTube channel for some really fun videos!

Official Website /  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube

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