Cheers! It’s Power Hour Time With The Bastard Suns!

Hey ya’ll!! I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy, & taking care of yourself as well as trying to have a little fun while we’re all stuck on lockdown! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while.. I know we’re all going through it collectively around the world right now. This is a truly scary time & I know we will all pull through & come out on top of this stronger than ever! Also it’s so important now more than ever to show your favorite bands some serious love & support! They really appreciate the love no matter how small the gesture. Some examples of support include ordering merch, hanging out with them on social media, sharing their music with someone who may not have heard of them before, or creating a power hour full complete with all of their hits! 🙂

Anyway.. enough of that! We’re here to forget our troubles & let loose for a while! I know many of us turn to music to dance it out, escape for a bit, & lift our spirits. So after receiving my BAD ASS The Bastard Suns shirt, I was inspired to create this The Bastard Suns Power Hour to show some love & support to my favorite band! I also wanted my friends and fellow The Bastard Suns fans to be able to have a little something to enjoy. This power hour will make us all feel like we’re at a show with beers in hand from our living rooms!

If you wanna show The Bastard Suns some love be sure to check them out on all social media & music streaming platforms & snag you a shirt so we can be twins while sharing power hour pints!! (links at bottom of post.)

Enough of my fangirling & onto the REAL reason you’re here! Drinking is the game & power hour is its name! The rules are simple!! Everytime the song changes, take a sip or shot of beer! It’s that easy!!! Hope to go crazy with ya’ll in the pit soon! Until then please play responsibly, as loud as possible, & of course have fun!! Cheers!

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*I want you all to stay safe! I do NOT support under age drinking or use of tobacco. Please do not purchase alcohol or tobacco for minors or anyone under age.

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