The Comeback!!

Hey guys!! Its official! Moe Convo is back & better than ever! I’ve learned a lot about what works for the cast and what doesn’t, and am now taking these lessons learned and applying them to creating the best version of Moe Convo possible!


Some changes include bringing Alex on as the official Cigar Afficinado! I really didn’t cover the cigar portion of previous episodes as well as I’d have hoped to. Alex has kindly taken on the task of introducing us to a different cigar each month while sharing his cigar expertise and learning along with us! So please be sure to give Alex a warm welcome! Hit him up on Instagram @huddy_allan or shoot us an email at to say hi or send some suggestions of cigars we should try out!

Also, I am taking our show notes for each episode to a new level! I will be posting videos & photos so that you may follow along with us during the episode!

Thank you for remaining patient with me these past few months as I took a step back to fine tune a few things to make this podcast a better experience for everyone!!

So without further ado, let’s get into the comeback episode! Enjoy!!

This episode’s cigar: Florida Sungrown Torpedo by Drew

            Get one here!

Cigar scanner link: http://Cigar scanner link:

This episode’s cocktail: Pink Whitney Comeback Cocktail


(The Moe version) Pink Whitney by New Amsterdam + Mint + Simply Raspberry Lemonade

(The Alex version) Pink Whitney by New Amsterdam + Club Soda

Pink Whitney website:

Check out Bryan’s photos & give him a follow on Instagram! @bryan_j_corder_photography & @ignitemusicmag




Andy Black from Blackveil Brides in American Satan


black veil brides

The Rat Pack



Kylie Minogue


I couldn’t find a YouTube link for “Get Over” [Sad face here..]

(When looking for this I found a version done by Home Free & I REALLY enjoyed it! I thought you might to so I’m including it in this post. Hope you like it too!)

Weird Al Yankovic

Johnny Cash

johnny cash middle finger


Producer Rick Rubin

Elvis Presley

mtv unplugged

David Bowie

The David Bowie/Kayne West Conspiracy begins at about 7:36 into the video! But, you should totally check out the whole video & Subscribe! Shane Dawson is one of my FAVORITE YouTubers!

Tina Turner

tina and ike

tina and david


Ozzy Osbourne

blacksabbath_002-2 1280_ozzy_osbourne_sharon_osbourne_TBTinset_2pic

 zakk wylde_ozzy zakk wylde_ozzy_jen r

Photo credit: Pics of Ozzy & Zakk by Jen Rosenstein


Dave Grohl

dave_nirvana foo-fighters-001

Green Day






Bon Scott


Conway Twitty


I hope you guys enjoyed this episode!

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Thank you so very much for your continued support in Moe Convo! It means the world to us!

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