Forget Regrets! Being ‘Hungover’ Is The Cure Your Ears Have Been Waiting For.

Interview with Marc Cortes
By: Morgan Bates
Nighthawks 2/17/18
“W.I.L.T.” Release Date: 3/30/18

As embarrassing as it is, I am no stranger to the effects of a wicked hangover. Whether it be an emotional headache or the need for blackout curtains due to too many beers on a girl night out. I also know that while contemplating every life decision you’ve ever made including that last lemon drop the night before, the hurt of that hangover can painfully open your eyes up to the harsh light of the real world. Something that the right powerful story and relate-able music has to power to reveal better than aspirin ever could. So rip open those blinds, throw on your shades, and choose not to “W.I.L.T.” away by checking out “Hungover” a band that is rehabilitating the way we view a word that normally makes us a little queasy.

The incredible up and coming band Hungover is the musical electrolytes hydrating our ears with a refreshing take on topics that many don’t typically enjoy discussing by adding the element of storytelling along with imaginative rhythm. I not only got to chat with lead singer Marc Cortes before the first stop on their tour at Nighthawks but, got the full on ultimate fan experience! The guys were so much fun to hang out with as we laughed over beers and Subway jokes, talked about the re-release of their album “W.I.L.T.” with Smartpunk Records, the significance of connecting through music, and about their fun music videos.

It’s not every day we hear that an EP is being re-released. I won’t deny that I was curious as to why the band would re-release an album rather than releasing all new material. Marc explains that when they put out “W.I.L.T.” at the end of 2016, it led to a really fun and exciting 2017 for the band as they toured for the EP and ultimately signed with Smartpunk Records. “The songs we put out were strong but hadn’t been pushed to an audience as big as we thought it had the potential to reach.” So together with Alan Dasch, they’ve re-mastered the original songs giving them new life and brought that same life to the new songs. In this light Marc explains they are treating it more like a deluxe EP and branching out even further by also releasing the EP on vinyl.

Throughout my time speaking with Marc, he expresses that “W.I.L.T” is more than just an album to him. “The acronym actually stands for ‘When I Lose Touch.’ This album is extremely personal and was very therapeutic for me. It’s about moving on from the past, forging new connections, and looking forward to the future.” With dramatic, emotional, and dynamic songs like “Fever”, “Girlfriend”, and my personal favorite “Irish Goodbye” this album covers slightly darker subject matter while walking the fine line between lively rhythmic melody while keeping the listener captivated and immersed from beginning to end.

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Not only was curating and creating such a heartfelt and personal album a big emotional release for the band, Marc points out that it’s also about connecting with friends, fans, and even band members. “I’ve had conversations with members of the band who have even said ‘I am so glad we play this song because I can really relate.’ Which makes us realize we are still learning new things about each other each time we play or write a new song. Even though the songs are cut, they’re still growing with us which is really cool.” It’s very refreshing to see a band making new connections with the fans who attend their shows and listen to their music but, what’s even more refreshing is that they’re finding new connections between themselves, something we as fans don’t hear all that often.

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When I normally first find out about a band I take to YouTube to find out more. Their hit “Irish Goodbye” was the first video on their channel and about 15 seconds in, I knew this would be a song I would continue to play on repeat. Growing up and learning to play music in an era when TRL ruled and the video countdowns were all the rage, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance were the bands with videos Marc says were quite influential. “They were the bands creating videos with all kinds of incredible production. With our videos we wanted to pay homage to those type of videos but, make them our own by making them fun with larger than life theatrics and hoping it becomes a staple for the band.” As a music video buff, I couldn’t agree more! Their videos are fun and inventive while creatively telling a grand story.

So grab another round! When you slowly wake up in the morning, rather than turning to the typical hangover cures involving Pedialyte, Advil, and black out curtains, embrace being “Hungover” by enjoying your copy of “W.I.L.T.” and as dramatic musical stories are told and dynamic riffs are played, you’ll know that though that last round may not have been one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, your choice is music to help you get through the day was definitely the right one.


There is so much more to come for this bright and incredibly talented band! Be sure to check them out on all social media and snag your copy of “W.I.L.T.” out now!


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