Long Live Rock N Roll At Welcome To Rockville

Welcome to Rockville 2018
By: Morgan Bates
Interview with Clay Busch – VP of Marketing at Danny Wimmer Presents
April 27,28,29 at Metropolitan Park

Rock-N-Roll defender and VP of marketing at Danny Wimmer Presents Clay Busch is not the only one that finds it laughable when people claim “Rock is dead.” Not only are these non-believers sadly mistaken but, are about to be proven wrong! Next month the country’s biggest rock festival Welcome to Rockville is taking over Metropolitan Park and bringing all long lost Rock-N-Roll lovers back to their senses! The lineup spectacular and so large they’ve extended the experience to three days of partying, camping, and incredible bands! April 27-29th will be jam packed with dynamite headliners, chances to meet some of the bands, hands on musical experiences, tons of delicious grub, and a rockin’ adventure you’ll never forget!

“It’s our joy and responsibility to create this one of a kind experience for the fans more than anything. When you bring a large crowd of people together for a show like this one there is so much positive energy out there and that’s what rock n roll is really all about.” – Clay Busch

This year’s lineup, curated by Jacksonville’s own Danny Wimmer and Gary Spivack, is a genius combination of legendary chart-busters like Ozzy Osbourne, Avenged Sevenfold, Foo Fighters, Billy Idol, and Godsmack, fused with up and coming bands like Greta Van Fleet, Them Evils, and Turnstile. Clay enthusiastically tells me “We’re so pumped about this incredible lineup. It’s probably the biggest rock festival the US has seen since the 70’s. It’s going to be a very special experience and we’re so proud and excited to bring people from all over the country and the world to Jacksonville.”


The marvelous rockers headlining are artists that we’ve had on our bucket lists and playing through our speakers for years! Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Temple Pilots, Halestorm, and Five Finger Death Punch are just some of the outstanding artists getting these tickets sold at warp speed. Ozzy Osbourne has made the event even more special after announcing that Welcome to Rockville will be an epic show on his final run! Naturally, we are hopefully skeptical if this will actually be his final run but, we definitely can’t afford to miss as it might be the last chance for fans to see him perform!

Ozzy Osbourne
HyperFocal: 0
Foo Fighters – Photo by: Brantley Gutierrez

Not only are we thrilled about these phenomenal headliners but, are eager to experience bands like Toothgrinder, The Fever, The Sword, and many other bands included on this lineup. Clay tells me that adding bands not as often heard of to a lineup like this is so exciting. “This is where it gets fun for us and we can be taste makers. Toothgrinder popped up on our radar late last year and we just fell in love with the record. And if there is one band that I think everyone should see, it would have to be The Fever. They’re a very special band with high energy and are being labeled as the next Rage Against The Machine. There are so many bands you can’t afford to miss but, if there is one that you haven’t heard of yet… check out The Fever!”

The Fever
Them Evils

The whole Welcome to Rockville experience is more than just excellent music. There are fan experiences to be had, delicious munchies to be devoured, and plenty to do in between the sets of your favorite bands. The FYE Fan Experience will be back again, where you can purchase albums and meet some of the bands, along with the Monster Energy Experience where some of their signed bands will be stopping by. And when you’re not rocking out at the stage or saying hi with your favorite bands, be sure to cool off with a refreshing cocktail at the Heavy Tiki Bar or the Caduceus Wine Garden or even grab some delicious eats at one of the many grub tents.

Let’s throw our horns up to the sky and prove that Rock has never been more alive! For three days and nights we’ll let go of all of the burdens of our daily lives as the Welcome To Rockville experience shakes our souls with the undeniable power and love of Rock-N-Roll! Can’t wait to see all you rockers there!

For more information about Welcome To Rockville, the bands, the sponsors, and much more!

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