Moyamoya: A Musical Cure For The Common “Noise”

By: Morgan Bates
An Interview with Brennan Hamill of Moyamoya
Featured Photo by: Alex Baker
“I Heart Jet Noise” Single Release 10/2/17
Cassette Release at Raindogs 10/19/17

I don’t know about you but, when I am filtering through the common “noise” blaring through the speakers of today’s radio, I find myself bouncing from station to station searching for something new, vibrant, and unique. Most days I typically call it quits and end up on Youtube or Spotify listening to something I am sure won’t make my ears bleed. I know that there are many of you out there that feel the same from time to time. So for those of us aching for something melodically different, eclectic, and unexpected, I’ve got a just the band for you! Experimental instrumental trio Moyamoya is not the disease that the internet brings up as you type in the word on Google but rather the dose of musical medicine this loud world is in desperate need of. I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with guitarist Brennan Hamill and chat about all things Moyamoya!

What started out as a friendly jam session in 2009, turned band of many previous names, comes Jacksonville’s experimental instrumental trio Moyamoya. Members Brennan Hamill, Scott Madgett, and Richard Dudley have been hard at work perfecting their instrumental craft between going on tour after their first album release in 2014 and continuing to do what they love, even when life seems to get in the way.  Along the way, they have gravitated from the ambient and sludgy type of band they once thought they were, to becoming the methodical, collaborative, tight, and experimental band they are today. “We try to keep things interesting and let the music speak for itself. From our eclectic musical taste to writing and gelling over the years, developing different grooves comes a lot easier and has become more cohesive.” Today is a day of momentous proof that their hard work and cohesiveness has paid off as Moyamoya has released a new single “I Heart Jet Noise” which is an awesome example of new musical barriers broken. The new sound blasting through you speakers has incredible tempo changes and rock riffs as the song has the power to capture your attention from take-off to landing at an incredible and unexpected musical destination.

But Moyamoya isn’t going to stop there as more excitement and a retro musical adventure to be had. Three original songs plus a remix for each single will be released on cassette on October 19th. I know what you’re thinking.. a cassette?!! But, yes! Cassettes are certainly making a comeback and believe it or not, have been seen on the shelves of music stores and even at stores like Urban Outfitters. Brennan tells me the reason for Moyamoya’s choice to produce cassettes versus vinyl as “It’s a unique novelty vehicle for our digital download.” Not only is it different but, the cassette provides a sense of nostalgia for the 90’s culture when bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and various mix tapes played on 90’s kids cassette players and a unique way to bring today’s now mostly digital music to fans.MOYAMOYA_iheartjetnoise_highres

When discovering how many different types of music influence the sound Moyamoya creates, it was apparent that there was no way this band would fit comfortably into a specific musical genre box. “We are melodic, experimental, moody, eclectic, indie avant-garde, and post rock.” So many different words used to describe one band really peaked my interest in how such a one-of-a-kind sound is accomplished and perfected. Brennan tells me that a song can start with something as simple as a guitar riff or repetitive note that he, Scott, or Richard like and then riffs and notes build up from there. Whether it takes a day or a year, each song is only completed when everyone is pleased and happy with the end result. As for the remixes to be featured on side B, friends Willie Evans Jr. (I Heart Jet Noise,) Navigateur (DedMel25,) and Keith William (Baracus) work their magic on each song bringing a new perspective of Moyamoya’s work to fans.

I am really looking forward to celebrating the release of Moyamoya’s cassette at Raindogs on October 19th, and like you, I was curious as to what could be expected at a Moyamoya show. Brennan describes each show as a different experience. “We play all types of shows from hip hop, to indie rock, to hard rock. Our audience can be anybody but, we like the surprise of not knowing what type of crowd we’re going to get. We’ve never played with Twin Ponies or Loose Eels but we are really looking forward to it.”


The musical remedy that is Moyamoya will take over your senses and relieve the ears and constant impulses of everyday radio station surfers. So today we dust off our cassette players and prepare for an adventure down memory lane with a whole new eclectic, instrumental, post-rock take on the tunes coming through your earphones. Moyamoya is the musical cure the music lovers of Jacksonville have been waiting too long for!

For more info about Moyamoya check them out on Facebook /moyamoyamusic.

“I Heart Jet Noise” is available on online at Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and most digital music platforms

Be sure to catch the show and snag your cassette at Raindogs October 19th! Digital 45s Cassette Release – Ft LOWELL Records Rain Dogs – 1045 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 Oct 19th, 2017 – 9 PM Cover: $7


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