Beartooth Blows Minds at Welcome To Rockville

By: Morgan Bates
Welcome To Rockville
Interview with Caleb Shomo of Beartooth

Before Welcome to Rockville, I had heard Beartooth’s music but, had never seen them live. I thought I knew what I was getting myself in for. Once they took the stage, the energy amplified, the crowd roared and wasn’t just hearing their music, I was caught myself hanging on every word. Their set literally had my heart racing with excitement and I knew there was no way I would ever hear their music the same ever again! Even walking to the next set with a friend, I could not shake the way Beartooth’s performance had blown my mind! When the time came to talk with front man Caleb Shomo after the set, I took the opportunity to tell him how much I enjoyed the show! Wanting to know more about Beartooth, Caleb takes me back to the start when writing began as therapy to their now APMA nominated album “Aggressive”and the tour life they wouldn’t trade.

Before Beartooth, Caleb tells me that making music was a therapeutic outlet. “I started writing and making music to keep my head on straight. I didn’t really expect it to take off. ” And take off it sure did! Beartooth is nominated for two Alternative Press Music Awards this year for best live band and album of the year. What once began as an emotional remedy to express feelings not easily exposed is now the bond that unites Beartooth with their fans all over the world.

When it comes to the inspiration behind their second full length album “Aggressive,” Caleb tells me “All albums are therapeutic but, ‘Aggressive’ is a pissed off record and a more angry side of me. I tried to be as candid as I could.”  Determined to make sense of the ups and the downs of life, Caleb took all he’d experienced over the last 5 /6 years and created an album about the struggles of depression, self-doubt, anxiety and the mental jumble that most of us relate to but don’t necessarily wear on or sleeves. This album was not only a channel for Caleb but, has been well received by many like-minded fans.

Caleb and Beartooth  are no strangers to the bright lights of the stage. No matter how many times they’ve performed, the thrill of performing still sends a jolt of electric excitement through their veins each time. Festivals like Welcome To Rockville are some of Caleb’s favorite performances. The crowd surfers were “Champs!” and fans sang (or screamed) along as each song connected them with fans for a period of time where the stresses of everyday life are nothing but a distant memory. Though chasing the bright lights of the stage keeps Beartooth on the road a good majority of the time, the headlights on the pavement are a part of the fun. Caleb states, “I miss home but, it’s my life and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I love being in a new place every day and constantly meeting new people it keeps me fresh. I’ve met an endless amount of cool people.”

I may not have known exactly what I was getting myself in for when it came to seeing Beartooth at Welcome To Rockville. But, I am ecstatic about the ear opening, heart racing, and mind blowing experience that I will cherish! Caleb and Beartooth are living proof that expressing yourself, working hard, and letting go of any “Aggressions” that may be keeping you down can lead to an enlightening experience that will connect you to someone or something you’d have never imagined for yourself!

For more information about Beartooth, check out their website & follow them on social media!
Twitter @BEARTOOTHband

Want to know more about Welcome To Rockville?! Here are a couple of ways to find out more!
Instagram: @welcometorockville
Twitter: @RockvilleFest

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