Taking It Back To The Start : An Interview with Randy Winter

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
12/26/2016 8:00pm
Photo Credit: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I had such a blast talking all things The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with guitarist Randy Winter a couple of months ago! We sat down over some iced coffee and talked about where Red Jumpsuit got their big start, “bad press” over the small things, and now looking forward to bringing us back to where it all began December 26th at Jackrabbits with a live performance of their platinum debut album “Don’t You Fake It!”

“This year has been about celebrating the album that kicked down the door for us 10 years ago.”

Not only is the very talented The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus musically brave and adventurous but, they care deeply about their craft and where they came from.”Jack Rabbits is an interesting venue and a staple to Jacksonville’s music scene. They gave us our first gig and I’m happy it has survived with time.” So, in the spirit of celebrating their 10th anniversary of “Don’t You Fake It” they are coming back full circle as they take the stage at Jack Rabbits performing the album from start to finish. The atmosphere will be exciting, energetic and memorable as we sing along with the guys to hits like “Face Down” and “Your Guardian Angel.”


The press hasn’t exactly taken it easy on these guys over the past couple of years. When it comes to unflattering instances like being shown in a harsh light on an episode of MTV’s “The Hills” and dealing with an exaggerated ordeal with an unprofessional photographer Randy tells me “My brain is like a hard drive. When information is useless or doesn’t hold much substance, I just let it go.” He didn’t recall too much in regards to “The Hills” episode as that press didn’t faze them much. However, when it came to the photographer looking for his infamous moment in the spotlight Randy mainly leaves it like this. “Long story short, people can be selfish and they will get whats coming to them.” In this photographer’s one-sided and warped version of the story, the band straight up stole his photo. But in truth, we live in a technological world made up of instagram and facebook posts that are continuoulsy being edited and reshared. The band shared the photo with every intention of giving the photographer credit for his great work once they found out who they were. I mean think about it, the band thought it awesome enough to share it on their page! But when the photographer posted numerous angry comments about not being credited for the picture, the band went out of their way to make the situation right by providing him with due credit. Of course that wasn’t enough for this guy, he then requested the photo be taken down and attempted to bring on the laywers. Naturally after the truth came to light, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has graciously put this in the past and generously provides credit where credit is due.

On a happier note, over these past ten years the guys of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have achieved great things both on stage and off. On stage, they have played for huge crowds at festivals and shows all over the world, opened for acts like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and their debut album “Don’t You Fake It” was recently acknowledged by the RIAA as platinum in 2008 and presented to them at their sold out NYC performance earlier this year. Off stage, they have celebrated weddings, bringing new life into the world, and Randy has found immense passion in recording, producing and mixing for new and upcoming musicians. Now, the time has come to celebrate “Don’t Fake It,” the record that kicked off an outstanding and never dull career in this “cut-throat” music industry.

No matter where The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus came from, how big they make it, or whatever “bad publicity” comes their way they rise above, triumphiant and stronger than before while remaining humble and passionate about their love of music. You can never keep a good band or good people down!

A special thanks Randy for taking the time to chat with me & for the delicious coffee!! I can’t wait to see you & The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus take it all back to the start at Jack Rabbits tonight!!

Also be sure to check out their website for free music, links to all of their social media, tour dates & more!! redjumpsuit.com

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