Fridays Are For Freedom, Fun & Fantastic Music with Finish Ticket and Run River North

Photos & Article By: Morgan Bates

We’ve all heard the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun!” This has never rung more true than it did this past Friday night at Jack Rabbits. After a long week and an even longer Friday, Finish Ticket, Run River North, and Iron Tom kicked off the weekend with an energy so exhilarating and refreshing that even the darkest of days would be full of light!

Walking into Jack Rabbits, the atmosphere was contagiously uplifting. The room was packed with fans in their Finish Ticket gear, buzzing with enthusiasm about what the evening had in store. Sadly, I missed Iron Tom but, in the words of Run River North’s front man “I’ve never seen someone as into music as Aaron is.” So it must have been quite a set! I’ll be sure to catch them next time!

Run River North aka “Not Steve Aoki’s Side Band” put on a set that was an awe-inspiring experience for me. I had seen them at X102.9’s Connection Festival back in July. They were good however, they didn’t really stand out at the time. But, as they played songs like “29”, “Monsters Calling Home”, and “Run or Hide” they had not only changed my mind completely but, had me in a trance and continued to win me over song after song. Let’s just say, I’m hooked.


After Run River North, there was no coming down as the anticipation for Finish Ticket intensified. Fans inched closer and closer to the stage hoping for a prime spot for the main event. Once the time came and Finish Ticket hit the stage, the ringing in your ears amplified from screams of excitement coming from the crowd. They certainly didn’t disappoint as they put on such a show with so much energy and passion that even the people in the back sitting down were drawn to stand up and get in on the action! In between songs like “Wrong”, “Colors”, “Tranquilize”, and even a cover of Artic Monkey’s “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” front man Brendan expressed the band’s utmost and unconditional gratitude for their fans. With all of the love and excitement in the room, the feeling is unquestionably mutual.


Next time the slow ticking of the clock of a dreadfully long week gets you down, turn to your gratitude for the music that can lift your spirits, inspire, and surprise you. With bands like Finish Ticket, Run River North, and Iron Tom there will be no shortage of energy, thanks, or fun! Clocks and long weeks don’t stand a chance!

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