Parkridge Acoustic Show

Article & Photos By: Morgan Bates
Rain Dogs

I first met local band Parkridge at X102.9’s Rock On The River 5 back in 2014. Not only had they killed it on the main stage at the Landing, but they were so much fun to talk to! I am not exactly sure how we first sparked up conversation but, these guys had drawn me in with both remarkable talent and incredible personality.

Parkridge has certainly been busy since I met them in 2014. They have brought on two new band members, created a music video for their awesome cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and released a new single titled “Run With Me.”

Thank goodness it hadn’t been two years since I’d seen them last but, it felt like it! I saw them a couple months ago at 1904 Music Hall where the crowd was thick and lively while they put on a brilliant show as they opened for the band This Wild Life. Their most recent gig at Riverside’s Rain Dogs however, was low key compared to any of their other shows. It was more intimate and a pleasant change of pace after the continuous insanity that is my schedule right now.

Naturally I was thrilled to see the guys again, but was even more excited about getting to experience them in an acoustic atmosphere. The crowd was smaller but, calm and relaxed. Rain Dogs is certainly a smaller venue than the stage at The Landing, which left me curious about how they were going to fit all of their fans inside. As I made my way into the bar, I grabbed a beer and figured I could do some people watching and take in the energy before the show. And what do you know?! Sitting at the stools next to me were the guys of Parkridge! It was so nice to see familiar faces and to get the chance to catch up with them before their show!


When the time came, the guys and crowd began to move towards the back room. This unique setting made me feel as if I were allowed entry to private underground show. Michael, Ryan, and Gregg sat down and began what would be an outstanding and charming set that included acoustic versions of “Run With Me” “Raise Your Glass” and “Attention Attention.”

Parkridge has worked extremely hard and come a long way since Rock on the River 5! The future is looking optimistic and exceedingly bright for these guys!! I am looking forward to see what’s next!

For more about Parkridge check out their website:

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